Reviewing NIKON PROSTAFF 7i Laser Rangefinder to Reveal Its Features and Performance

We never stop searching for high-quality rangefinders that come with compact size, user-friendly interface, and 1000+ yards ranging capacity. Most of the rangefinders offer the accurate measurement of the reflective objects and that’s what reduces their performance, when the target is non-reflective. The professional hunters understand the importance of a rangefinder that provides accurate measurement of both non-reflective and reflective objects. It becomes a reliable tool that every hunter and target shooter needs for better performance. A LRF with basic features would be a great choice for you, if you are a beginner. You should pay attention to the features and performance specs of NIKON PROSTAFF 7i Laser Rangefinder, if you are a professional level hunter or target shooter. For more reviews of best rangefinders visit


Information about Nikon PROSTAFF 7i:

This laser rangefinder was launched during May, 2015. It had drawn the attention of many pro hunters and target shooters because of its appealing specifications. It is one of the best LRFs even after two years of its release in its price range. Nikon had informed the user about the new features of this rangefinder during the press conference. This brand has improved the line of accuracy-driven laser LRFs in which you get a top-quality laser along with Nikon’s ID technology.

The Incline/Decline or ID technology plays a vital role in improving the accuracy of 7i rangefinder. It is pretty simple for the ProStaff 7i to provide accurate measurement of objects situated up to 1300+ yards away. It does not matter that you are hunting on the flat ground or in rugged mountains. The capacity and performance of this rangefinder make it a luring device for the professional hunters and shooters. You will also agree with the mentioned specs when you will buy and use this laser rangefinder during hunting or shooting.


What makes it better than Prostaff 7?

Nikon had launched the Prostaff 7 before launching 7i. Both rangefinders look similar in size and shape and therefore you may think that what change an “I” can bring in the new model? Well, it makes a huge difference. Both models of the Prostaff rangefinder are very different from each other. The latest variant of this model comes with 1300+ yard ranging capacity while the older model is capable of providing accurate measurement only till 600 yards. The Prostaff 7i offers a black LCD display and Prostaff 7 offers a gray LCD display with red LED backlighting on demand. Nikon has reduced and probably stopped producing the Prostaff 7 model, so you can buy only Prostaff 7i because it has much better features.


Key features of Nikon Prostaff 7i Laser Rangefinder:

  • The ProStaff 7i is a reliable choice, when it comes to measuring the distance of overlapping objects. It works effectively in the wooded areas.
  • You get a top-quality 6x monocular, equipped with multi-layer coating for clear and bright images of the object. It can provide both single and continuous measurements fo the objects up to 8 seconds.
  • It provides a wide 7.5 degree field of view.
  • It is a rainproof rangefinder.


Pros and Cons:

Of course, the Nikon ProStaff 7i is an impressive product, but it also has some drawbacks. These pros and cons will help you in making a better decision.


  • This compact size rangefinder has an ergonomic shape for a better grip.
  • It provides you with the ID (Include/Decline) technology to measure the true horizontal distance to the object.
  • It offers impressive image clarity.
  • It is built for the all the hunters, who want a quick and stable measurement without concerning about the location of the field and target.


  • It may seem quite difficult to read the measurement on the display during the low light conditions.
  • The lack of multicoated object may disappoint you.





The experts call it the most versatile laser rangefinder. It is a feature-rich hunting gear that you can buy online. Yes, you can use it for a broad variety of applications and the chances of error would be quite low. It is true that ProStaff 7i is not equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies, but still it is a right hunting gear to shoot the objects in just one shot.


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