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We offered useful tips and information about fish rod making and it is the excellent activity which involves jumping from the tall structure and it connected to the large elastic cord. This kind of the tall structure is mostly fixed object like crane, building and bridge. It is considered as the extreme adventure activity and it mostly famous in the Pacific islands and Antipodes. This activity is relatively new in India and it consists of the elastic rope which is actually braided shock cord and it might be tied to ankle of jumper. In case you are a beginner to bungee jumping then people can get help from us because we are offering excellent guide to this awesome activity.



We are providing the information about two types of the harness which is used in the bungee jump like leg harness and body harness. Our experts are having huge knowledge about bungee jumping and in case you suffer from the high blood pressure, heart condition, neurological disorder or pregnant then you are not advisable to do this activity. There are different variations of the bungee jumping is there such as trampoline, catapult, running, ramp and SCAD diving. Safety is most important one when you do this activity so we are offering some safety information which is really helpful to the people. Our experts are recommended Delhi, Rishikesh, Bangalore, North Goa and Anjuna beach is the amazing place to do this activity. Before you start to do this activity, you should know about the risk involve in this activity so that you may not suffer from injuries. In fact we follow world class standards in all kinds of the activities and operations which ensure the activity in safest way. We are offering some useful safety information to this activity so that you may not suffer from injuries so visit our portal to know about bungee jumping.